Soccer Game Schedule

All regular season games will start at 4:30.

October 17th vs. Skyline Ranch. Boys home, girls away.

October 19th vs. Circle Cross. Boys away, girls home.

October 24th vs. Florence. Boys away, girls home.

November 2nd vs. Copper Basin. Boys Home, girls away.

November 7th vs. Anthem. Boys away, girls home.

November 9th vs. Magma Ranch. Boys home, girls away.

November 14th vs. San Tan Heights. Boys away, girls home.



Round one November 20th

Round two November 30th

Championship round December 5th 

17-18 Athletic Registration Information

NEW Athletic Registration for the 2017 - 2018 School Year

Any 6th - 8th grade student interested in trying out for sports this year will need to complete the registration packet and upload their sports physical at the link below.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Christ at 480-987-5360.

Pay to Participate Fees

$50 Pay to Participate payments can be made at the link below:


Sports Seasons

1st Quarter: Baseball and Softball (6-8)

2nd Quarter: Boys and Girls Soccer (6-8)

3rd Quarter: Girls Volleyball and Cheer (6-8) Football (7-8)

4th Quarter: Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheer (6-8), and Wrestling (4-8)

Sportsmanship Pre-Game Message

The highest potential in sports is achieved when all athletes and spectators are committed to pursuing victory with honor, and everyone embodies the six core pillars of respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, caring, fairness, and citizenship. 

Please understand that all games at Walker Butte Leadership School will be played under these guidelines, and any acts of un-sportsman like behavior will not be tolerated. 

As a courtesy to teams, the coaches, athletes, and administration; it would be appreciated that all cheering from fans and both schools remain respectful, and positive.  We also request that all spectators and teams are quiet during free throws to ensure that the athletes are able to concentrate. 

Game Admission

Come Support our Coyotes!

Adults- $2

Students/Children- $1

Children 4 and under- Free 

Admission is charged  for all sporting events. The funds raised go towards supporting our athletic programs (new equipment, uniforms, etc). 

Please come out and root on your Coyote athletes. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Walker Butte Athletic Director
Jeffrey Christ
(480) 987-5360

 Baseball Softball
Coach:  Jim Green
Asst. Coach: Beaux Kapr
Coach:  Courtney Lord
 Boys Soccer Girls Soccer
Coach:  Ben Curtiss
Coach:  Katrina Celestin
 Football         Volleyball
 Coach:  Beaux Kapr
 Coach: Belinda Quesada
 Boys Basketball    Girls Basketball 

Athletic Information

****Pay to Participate Fees****

Pay to Participate fees are $50 a sport with a cap of $200 per family.  No checks are accepted as payment for Pay to Participate Fees.  Credit Card Payments can always be made online through the in-touch portal on our website:  When making these payments online be sure to select the pay to participate fees and then the sport the student will be playing.   Payments made to the general athletic fund will not be accepted as pay to participate payments or refunded.  

  • FUSD Athletics
    FUSD offers basketball, football, baseball/softball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and 
  • cheerleading to all 7th and 8th grade students who meet the athletic and disciplinary guidelines set forth in the Athletic handbook. 

    In the event that there are not enough 7th and 8th grade students to fill a team roster, 6th grade students will be allowed to try out. 

    Please print a copy of the handbook located on this page for more information regarding our athletic program.  Only students who have turned in all of the necessary paperwork will be allowed to tryout. 

  • Parents must register their athlete on Paperwork is available through that website and can be uploaded directly to the website.