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Principal's Corner

March 2017


Dear WBLS families,

We have just completed our second full year as a Leader In Me school.  We also had our 8th grade panoramic photo taken along with club pictures.  As we brought group after group up, I was pleased to see the increased opportunities at WBLS for students to find their voice and become the leaders of tomorrow.  These 8th graders were in the middle of their sixth grade year when we began this journey to better serve our kids.  Here are some of the leadership opportunities we offer:

  • ·         Traditional groups like student council and National Junior Honor Society are thriving.  In these groups, middle school students find the opportunities to serve others, plan activities and make our school a better place for kids.
  • ·         Our Student Lighthouse Team provides K-8 students the privilege of planning our annual Leadership Day as well as helping with strategic or long-term planning for our school.  We pair older students on the team with younger students to help germinate future leadership.
  • ·         Flag leaders raise and lower our national emblem each day and learn civic duty and responsibility.
  • ·         Helping Hands is a club that provides service, especially for our students with disabilities. They provide service and help raise funds for worthwhile causes.
  • ·         The Ambassador’s Club recognizes student who perform random acts of kindness or service.  Each week they select students’ names and they are recognized on the announcements and provided with a small prize.
  • ·         Reader Leaders meet after school and read to smaller students or listen while the younger students read to them, helping them sound out the “tough” words.
  • ·         Tour leaders provide visitors with tours of WBLS.
  • ·         First Friends in each classroom help new students transition into becoming part of the Coyote Pack.
  • ·         The Running Club provides students an opportunity to run and exercise with peers and promotes healthy living.
  • ·         Lunchroom leaders help clean up after each lunch.

It is heartening to see our youth preparing to assume the mantel of leadership for America, the most free and prosperous nation in history.

Thank you for your support.



 Paul Hatch